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Copyright 2019 - Clinical Commissioning Groups Association


I am very happy to announce Clinical Support Services’ / YouBrand’s support for the newly established Clinical Commissioning Groups Association. Clinical Support Services will be supporting the CCGs Clinical Commissioning Groups) and HCPs (Health Care Professionals) in their mission to encourage the consumer to lead a healthier lifestyle. This continues the support of the government ‘s White Paper Healthy People, Healthy Lives’ by providing high quality information on lifestyle change options, “Empowering you with informed choices”.

Further, the CCGA also aims to support the CCGs and HCPs with complementary information such as new product and service developments to aid the effective management of their practices and in turn provide cost effective solutions. Clinical Support Services / YouBrand is very keen to ensure that the public and private sectors work together to leverage synergies avoiding isolation since both public and private sectors are responsible for improving the health of the nation and the environment.

Encouraging the consumer to understand how to improve and change their lifestyle is a real challenge for HCPs. Interpreting information from the food and drink industry and understanding nutrition against the backdrop of a rapidly evolving product marketplace makes it difficult for the consumer to make wise choices. It is important for public and private enterprise to work together ensuring that benefits are achieved both officially and commercially in order to ensure that the health of the nation is improved on a continual basis.

The CCGA will be supported by Clinical Support Services in researching relevant, technical features. The CCGA will endeavour to support the NHS and government in their mission of creating “Healthy People, Healthy Lives”. We must all remember true wealth is indeed your health. Let us all work together to help save money in the NHS and help the nation lead a healthier life both physically and mentally.


Dr E David McCrae Tod OBE FRCGP - Editor in Chief

The CCGA is delighted to announce the support of YouBrand and Clinical Support Services in syndication with the NHS, supporting NHS Choices. On behalf of the CCGA, Clinical Support Services will be publishing ‘Healthcare in the NHS through Commissioning’ next year. This publication will include a series of articles on the issues facing the modern GP through commissioning. Clinical issues such as:

• Diabetes

• Obesity

• Care of the elderly

• Mental illness

• Financial and management issues

• The ‘7 day week’

• Personal care partnerships

• Specialist nurses

• Post-graduate training.

Additionally these issues will be further supplemented by features on technical areas such as telehealth,

nutrition, exercise, smoking and the role of the Pharmacist.

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