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Patient Partner - The 24/7 appointment booking service - Voice Connect

Patient Partner, from Voice Connect is an automated telephone booking system which allows patients to book, check, cancel and change appointments 24/7, 365 days a year.

Patient Partner helps practices to:

  • Improve patient access  
  • Reduce the number of patients that don’t attend the appointments they book (DNAs) 
  • Extend the hours during which patients are able to book appointments - Improve communications  
  • Free up hard working reception teams

How does Patient Partner work?

Patient Partner is a solution that connects to the practice’s telephone system and integrates with the electronic appointment book allowing patients to book appointments in “real time”. Patients ring the normal surgery number and follow the voice prompts to find the next suitable appointment. The process is very simple and takes no longer than a normal call. 

How does it help?

Patient Partner’s 24/7 availability means patients can book an appointment at any time, day or night without the need for the surgery to be open. This helps alleviate the all too familiar early morning rush of calls into reception. The ability to check, change and cancel appointments helps reduce DNAs but also makes the process more efficient, as patients can quickly and easily release appointments back into the system should they no longer be able to attend them. 

Benefits for the surgery

  • Reduces early morning congestion
  • Frees up reception staff to focus on other practice duties
  • Helps free up appointments - Reduced DNAs 
  • Helps towards CQC ratings & QoF points
  • Easy to use e.g. for flu campaigns

Benefits for the patient

  • Improves access - Extends opening hours
  • Alleviates inbound call congestion
  • 11 different language modules available to aid communication
  • Quick & easy to check or change appointments
  • Quick and easy to cancel appointments
  • Can offer repeat prescriptions
  • Easy to access specialist clinics such as flu or asthma 

What we offer:

  • Set up and installation by our team of in house engineers
  • UK manned technical support line
  • Maintenance & Upgrades 

Additional options:

The extended triage option books slots for non-standard appointments, for example COPD clinics. The unique system is able to detect spaces in the relevant diaries of GP, nurses or specialist clinic. Patients can choose the relevant appointment time that is best for them.

Repeat prescriptions

Voice Connect’s automated telephone repeat prescription service offers patients the option to request repeat prescriptions via their telephone, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The patient selects ‘repeat prescriptions’ from the automated menu and enters their unique PIN number. The patient then request a prescription from a list. Patients may need to see a doctor before they request a prescription, in this case, they can be given the option to book an appointment on the same call.

Easy to maintain

Patient Partner is easy to keep up to date and maintain. Any changes to doctors or seasonal clinics (such as flu or smoking cessations campaigns) can be added or removed from the menu with ease. This can be managed by Voice Connect on behalf of the surgery or the system can be easily maintain by the practice themselves.

What our customers think

“The Silent Receptionist - Working away in the background handling calls that receptionists would normally handle.” Esther Jackson, Practice Manager 

“Our patients love Patient Partner and it has saved numerous telephone calls for the receptionists.” GP Practice, Hertfordshire

For further information, please contact 0116 232 4640, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or go to

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